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Aura Kasih and Ariel Peterpan, the next video?

After the outstanding porn videos like Ariel and Luna Maya followed with similar porn videos Cut Tari and Ariel, this time also began to circulate like Aura Kasih porn video. Gossip Ariel indicate if a laptop containing personal data is lost and a lot of there own porn videos 23 with a number of female celebrities homeland.

Videos like Ariel and Aura Kasih began to bloom was mentioned as a video capture posted in one of the major forums in the homeland. In the capture looks like Aura Kasih woman was lying on a bed, which is estimated to exist in a hotel room.

Pros and cons were shown by the visitors forum. There was a mention if the photo was not the original photo, even thought her face looked like Aura Love is only a patch. Meanwhile, some links that claim to be a video fake porn-like aura of love and Ariel were joined circulated widely.

Until now, authorities officials are still doing an intensive search for similar porn videos disseminator of this Ariel. (KPL / NPY)

Bunga Citra Lestari and Ariel Peterpan video scandal

JAKARTA-Bunga Citra Lestari vote away from reporters when asked about the news that he was one of the stars in the video looked like Ariel.

At that time, BCL who wore a black longdress immediately hurried into her car at Jitec in Mangga Dua, Jakarta, Wednesday (09/06/2010) night.

Manager of BCL, Dodi admitted his side would not comment on rumors like Ariel is a porn video. "On the video, we are no comment about it," he explained.

Known, Bunga Citra Lestari is one of the celebrities who crowded discussed in Internet forums, as one woman in the video stars 'Ariel', which has not been circulated.

In addition to BCL, reportedly there are also celebrities sexy woman initials AK, AE. Two women are also reportedly the star of the 23 videos that have not circulated much like Ariel. (Uky)

Cut Tari Career after video scandal

After going through an evaluation, Cut Tari formally dismissed from all TransTV programs, including INSERT infotainment show. Tari, so called, allegedly as an actor in a porn video that has been circulating a lot, though all have not been proven.

Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department TransTV, A. Hadiansyah Lubis, told the "Jawa Pos", expressed his concern over the spread of the video. Admitted his side had done an evaluation before taking the decision.

"He (Cut Tari, red) associated recess of the program and also other programs that exist under TransCorp," said Hadi, so called, in Jakarta, Wednesday (09/06).

Similar is also conveyed by Zudarlis Elfira as INSERT to Detikhot.com Event Producer.
According him to Cut Tari removal decision was taken after talks with management on Wednesday (09/06/2010) night.

"Tari is not in the INSERT again," said the woman who called Vivi's familiar.

That decision was not separated from the circulation of pornographic videos and Cut-like Ariel Dance. "That's one of them (gossip porn videos)" firmly Vivi.

Another video scandal Ariel Peterpan with Cut Tari

Another Ariel "Peterpan" scandal video circulate on internet yesterday, and now Ariel having fun with Cut Tari. Cut Tari, is Indonesian famous presenter.

According to rumor, there are still 28 video Scandal Ariel Peterpan top with other Indonesian artists, including the BCL and pop singer Aura Kasih.

This scandal just adds to the growing list of bigtime Asian scandals. From Hong Kong's Edison Chen to Singapore's Gary Ng, then the Philippines' Hayden Kho Jr, India's Swami Nithyananda and now the latest, Indonesia's Ariel of Peterpan Scandal.

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